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From the name it is easy to understand that this game combines two functions – lottery and poker. You are probably a fan of the lotteries or like to fight the professionals at the poker table and think that you should play these games separately. However, this gaming option includes a minimum of poker features, so this is a new gaming option designed for lottery lovers.

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The first OLG poker lottery was launched in 2010 and immediately became very popular among online betting enthusiasts. This game does not include regular numbers, so you will see card symbols only. You must know the basic rules to understand which combinations will include poker lotto winning numbers. Therefore, such a lottery attracts many poker fans in the first place. Also in play pokies online real money australia, you should like it.

List of the Best Gaming Options

As this perfect symbiosis of poker and lottery is gaining momentum, new game options appear between which you can choose:

  • Michigan Lottery offers poker lotto for Michigan residents only. Ticket price – $ 2. The maximum prize is $ 100,000.
  • A lottery on with the ability to win up to $ 10,000 instantly and up to $ 100,000 in a night draw. To participate, buy a ticket worth $ 2.
  • provides an opportunity to hit the jackpot for just $ 1 spent on buying a lottery ticket. There are many variations of this game for your best gaming experience.

Despite the obvious simplicity of the game, we recommend that you learn more information before playing for real money.

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How to Play to Get the Best Poker Lotto Results

This game is a lottery and instant win poker with 52 cards and 5 decks – you can play Quick Pick only. Besides, poker lotto numbers will replace regular lottery numbers. One ticket worth $ 1-2 provides an opportunity to play three hands (three plays) – buy a new ticket if you want to try again. Lottery draws are usually held at night – they provide an opportunity to win up to $ 100,000.

Here are a few things you should know about this game:

  • Winning odds are 1-3.66, 1-15 and 1-4.8 for winning any prize, for a lottery draw and for instant win game, respectively.
  • Buy tickets in a timely manner to participate in the game – see the latest information on poker lotto websites.
  • Repurchase and card selection options are not available.
  • Collect a pair of Jacks, Queens, Kings, or Aces for instantly win.

This game is independent of traditional poker, so everyone can play without even having card game skills. Your task is to match cards to the cards drawn. Having received the right combination, you will become a winner and take your prize – as mentioned above, your chances of success are quite high.

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