OLG Poker Lotto for Canadians and International players

Probably, each one has taken part in any Lottery. Some play Poker regularly. However, a few people know that these two things — a true game of chance and the game, where logics and strategy can have more power than luck — can be combined.

The OLG Poker Lotto has features of both entertainments. The player who chooses OLG Poker has to guess winning numbers of the cards (here, they replace Lottery numbers). The one, who will do it right, can get a huge jackpot.

OLG Poker Lotto: the game’s features

The OLG Poker Lotto can be played as Instant Poker or as a game with the night draws. The one, who picks the first variant sees how the dealer on the screen takes 2 hands of 5 cards in each (42 rest cards of a deck remain untouched).

The task is to guess the best combination. The best players can get 5 thousand. If a participant plays the OLG Poker All In variant, he can win a jackpot. Its minimum is 10 thousand! If the night draw variant of the OLG Poker Lottery is chosen, the participant is waiting for this event (at night). In case if he guesses at least 2 of the winning cards, he gets a prize.

Playing the OLG Poker lottery

The person, who is going to participate in this lotto, has to do the following:

  • Find a retailer that deals with the OLG Poker All In tickets;
  • Choose the hands number (up to three in a ticket);
  • Pay for the chosen ticket. The price is 2 dollars for one hand in Lotto and 1 dollar additionally if All In is chosen;
  • Watch the dealer and check if the chosen hand wins (instant variant) or do it after the draw that is the every-night event.

The winner should claim his prize.

Claiming the OLG Poker prize

There are several variants to be used when doing it.

  1. If it is a prize under a thousand dollars, the player can claim it at a retailer;
  2. It the prize is 1.000-10.000 dollars, it can be done by mail, at OLG Poker rooms and casinos, or at the Prize Centre;
  3. If the prize sum is between 10 and 250 thousand, Prize Centre and Select OLD rooms and casinos can be chosen;
  4. With a huge (over 250 thousand) win, the user has to deal only with the Prize Centre.

There are other wins’ types (not money). To get them, one should call the Support Centre of OLG.

Advantages of the Lottery

As the OLG Poker Lotto is a Canadian lottery, Canadians who win, are not supposed to pay taxes for their winnings. Non-Canadian residents can also play this tax-free game. However, the USA players are recommended to contact American professionals dealing with tax questions.

Everything is paid in CAD. The player should watch the OLG Poker calendar. If the instant ticket is already expired, the prize cannot be redeemed.

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