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This online gaming resource is clearly regarded as one of the best in the industry. Many players agree that this is the number one platform to play poker because its facility is simply the best of the rest. It offers large amount of poker varieties, tournaments, flexible conditions for depositing funds and withdrawals as well as bonus theme program is very generous. 888 poker android app makes it very easy to play on the move whilst being away from your desktop. Even the beginners may enjoy comprehensive guides and explore the features of the game.

Advantages and features that the resource offers

888 poker enables to play variety of different poker games, which is certainly making substantial contribution to the advantages and features list. The range of such benefits includes:

  • Daily tournaments availability
  • Free entry including advances to higher levels
  • Tournaments tickets offers for free
  • Real money bonuses
  • 888 casino points programs
  • Bonuses on live casino
  • Collected points can be used for other purposes (for instance bets on sports)
  • Golden tokens benefits

Therefore, the range of benefits is really impressive.

Variaty of poker games

Only on this online resource players can enjoy every single poker game type. The poker rooms and tournaments, which people can participate in are dedicated to each of the most popular poker games variety. It goes as follows:

  • 888 poker and its Texas Hold’Em
  • Blast Sit & Go (BSG)
  • Omaha
  • Seven card stud
  • 5-Card draw
  • Follow Chicago
  • Follow the Queen

As a result, every individual may choose exactly what suites his own needs and comes in line with the preferences. Every poker type is also described on the website of the resourse.

Poker tournaments

888 poker USA offers a great chance to everyone around the globe to participate in love tournaments. The tournaments are held on daily, weekly, monthly basis. Some exclusive tournaments for the best players and with large stakes on the table are also available. Players have to register first, whereas the places for daily events are always available. Free tickets for advances to the next stages can also be collected.

Deposit, withdrawals and generous bonus offers

How to make deposits and withdraw your wins?

888 poker allows to play after funds are deposited to the account. The most preferable way of depositing funds is bank money transfer. The details of the transfer can be found on the official website, whereas it is 100% safe and secure. SSL certificates are used, so that all data with regards to your bank accounts is submitted is protected well. 888 poker download of mobile version does not make any exception to that.

Money will arrive almost immediately and it is depended on the place where it was sent from. US residents will enjoy instant deposit of funds to the account. Withdrawals are also made instantly but it may take up to 6 working days to reach customers account if it is based overseas.

Offers and bonuses

Poker 888 allows its members to enjoy the following benefits of special offers and bonuses:

  • 100% matching bonus on any amount of up to USD 400.00
  • 7 tickets on tournaments for first USD 500.00 depositors
  • 2 tickets on exclusive tournaments for USD 1000.00 depositors
  • 1 ticket on First depositors’ challenge tournament

Other bonuses also can be found and appear regularly for existing clients.

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