Poker hands chart – card’s ranking’s description

When a beginner decides to become a poker player, it’s better to start learning process, taking Texas Holdem type of the game. But where is better to start from? The basics suppose to characterize every poker hands chart that can bring to success in the future. All hands of poker chart contain two main components – poker starting hands chart and poker winning hands chart. When gamblers know a thing or two about the combinations, odds and eventual results, the poker world welcomes them with open arms.

Poker hands – variety, types and definitons

Before learning different charts, the gambler is to know what hands (rounds) exist during poker squads.

  • Preflop – the first round, where poker hands chart should be already in the player’s mind. The participants start bidding by reference to a pair received cards.
  • Flop. The next innings, when 3 cards from the deck are put on the table.
  • Turn. The fourth card, got out from the deck.
  • River. It’s the last phase with the 5th card in the center of the table. It means that the players can make their combinations and find out the winner.

When a combination is gathered by the player, it’s definitely necessary to understand what hands are the strongest and what are the weakest ones.

  • Royal Flush. It’s the best combination, when it’s necessary to collect 10, J, Q, K and A suited.
  • Straight Flush. It’s also mixture of straight and flush, but it’s not necessary to be the highest cards. E.g. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 suited will be enough to have this rare hand.
  • Four of a Kind. It’s necessary to have a hand with four cards of one rank.
  • Full House. This combination contains of 3 cards of one rank and 2 cards of another rank.
  • Flush. There should be 5 suited cards to have this combination.
  • Straight. The hand is collected, when 5 cards of sequential rank are gathered together.
  • Three of a Kind. It’s necessary to get 3 same rank’s cards.
  • Two pair. 2 cards of one rank and 2 of another one create this combination.
  • One pair. This simple hand consists of just 2 same rank cards.
  • High card. This is not exactly a combination. But when opponents have none of above mentioned hands, the winner is a player, whose highest card is stronger.
Poker hand rankings symbol set

Poker hands chart with the best combinations to risk

When the game’s order and the possible winning hands are clear, it’s the best time to learn the chart with odds of starting hands. Of course, the table position has its influence on the player’s chances, but if to take it away, the list of 10 top starting hands with odds can be listed as below. If to keep this table in mind, at least, generally, the question whether it’s necessary to risk or not will not be currently centered.

Starting HandNumber of opponents
A/K suited6750,741,435,431,127,724,922,720,6
A/Q suited66,349,439,933,729,32623,32119,2
K/Q suited63,447,138,232,528,325,222,520,418,7
A/J suited65,448,238,532,227,924,62219,918,2
A/K off suited65,348,338,532,327,824,421,619,317,2

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